Closed for renovations. The pea diaries. 15th of February 2016

This is when I decided to go and see the doctor the first time.

I had not been feeling well. A constant headache that would not go away with anything, a horrible fatigue sensation that would keep me in bed most days, mood swings, depression the insomnia getting worse and worse every day but as a typical male all of this was being dismissed up until the symptoms of erectile dysfunction started to appear.

We all know that we men can ignore many illnesses, we do not really go to the doctor because we are both proud and too scared about our own vulnerabilities, but throw ED in the mix and we will be visiting the clinic in no time.

The conversation with the Doctor was centred on that issue until, as any other good practitioner would do, my Doctor asked question about any other symptoms that may have been causing this issue:

Stress: Check. Not really justified but feeling it.

Insomnia: Check. I have suffered from it since my teen years but it is getting silly.

Fatigue: Check. I feel pretty shitty and can not find the strength to go to the gym. Heck, not even the dogs are getting walked.

Diet: All clear. I have been eating ok, I have been craving junk food lately when I did not use to.

Vision: All fine doctor.

Headaches: Check. But I don't think that they are that bad... Wait a second Doctor. Now that you mention them I think I have had a bad headache that doesn't go away for the best part of a month.....

 Cue here an event a couple of weeks before when travelling for work with my good friend and colleague and a client that we have worked for a lot in the last year:

Me: I have a wicked headache.
Client: You seem to be having headaches very often.
Me: I don't think so.
Friend: Yes you have. Every time we are away you get at least one.
Me: Do I?...

Fast forward to that night when I went into my hotel room and I was putting away the pain killers in the bag pocket. I had panadeine pills from four different countries that I had gone to for work in the last year.


We had a little talk about ED pills and the doctor said that he will prescribe them to me, but not today, first lets do a blood test and I was promised I was to get them when the blood test came back.

Oh well! At least I'm not scared of needles.