How many times we have been confronted by tasks so big that make us feel but tiny?

In this series I invite you to explore a world of tiny people that have to face up to some really big challenges and larger than life quests.

I have found myself facing at times facing the giants and thinking that some tasks were too big to succeed.

Here it is for your enjoyment. I have allowed myself to create these surreal scenarios and to mix a bit of the world inside my head with the world I actually live in.

Enjoy the ride and look up… You never know if we are nothing but some joker’s idea of a senseless situation.



Faces. Many faces. Old, young, wrinkled, smooth, smiley, threatening.

Our faces are our first presentation card. They are all strangers really have to make a judgement of us. And even if those first impressions are not always right, sometimes the fate of an event is signed by how other see us.

Let's sit back and take a trip around the marvellous and never ending universe of people and their faces. Let's celebrate our differences and what really makes us humans.