Hacking the Sony ECM-AW3 Bluetooth microphone. Add your own mic-input socket.

These are simple bluetooth microphones that won’t break the bank. You turn them on, they pair without having to input any codes (not that you can do it anyway) and away you go.

They claim to have a range of up to 50mts. I have managed to use them up to 30mts away with clear line of sight with no interferences.

Amongst the pros of using them are the fact that they run on one AAA battery for the transmitter and one for the receiver, they have walkie talkie capabilities so the camera or sound operator can communicate with the person talking by using the in ear monitor (included 2 sets one for the transmitter end and one for the receiver end), the sound quality is quite good and clean considering they work on the bluetooth spectrum, and they are small and light to carry around.

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